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Data Transformation Corporation (DTC) is an experienced, award-winning company dedicated to providing innovative IT solutions to commercial clients.

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Program and Acquisition Management

DTC works with our customers to help them better define and execute their large, complex acquisition programs. From program support services to test and evaluation of systems, DTC serves as a trusted partner of our clients.

Technical Consulting Services

DTC will provide comprehensive review of your IT environment, including resource utilization, process maturity, and asset management. Our expert consultants have the experience, knowledge, and desire to understand your business and its tech needs. We will help you choose and implement the most advanced, yet cost-effective products and technologies in the market. Let us transform your IT organization to the best possible starting place to improve service, security, compliance with governance initiatives while limiting surprise costs that break your budget. From network architecture to onsite training, support, cloud services and much more.

Turnkey Software Solutions

DTC has proven experience solving complex customer challenges by implementing complete life-cycle solutions: understanding requirements, designing and engineering software, integrating systems, and supporting / maintaining operations.

Technical Security Services

DTC provides comprehensive security services to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. From health care to government, PCI standards and more, DTC will ensure proper audits and security for your network. We offer scalable security solutions for today’s ever changing cyber security landscape, from local networks to cloud and mobile technologies. Cyber security services include, compliance advisory, penetration testing, cloud security, managed networks, and monitoring.

Systems Engineering and Technical Support

DTC’s staff is on the cutting edge of our industry in terms of utilizing technology in innovative ways to solve hard problems. We embrace our quality-driven culture and apply a disciplined systems engineering approach to all that we do.

Data Gathering and Analytics Solutions

DTC has extensive experience with web and cloud based solutions that provide our customers with the ability to more effectively access, organize, and analyze data – capitalizing on the power to process large amounts of information.

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